Terri Kersch

Terri Kersch, MA, CWC, CHES
Certified Wellness Coach
Certified Health Education Specialist

Coaching is the springboard from aspiration to achievement.

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What colleagues and clients have to say:
“What can I say about Terri Kersch? Where do I begin? Terri is authentic, dedicated, sincere and passionate in her work with clients. In addition to her warmth and ease when creating connections with her clients, Terri is also a highly skilled professional, with a wide background of education and training in the field of health and wellness. She offers an amazingly impressive combination of skills and supportive presence. I have been privileged to know Terri personally and to serve as her mentor coach. As such, I know her well and have observed her coaching personally and therefore recommend her enthusiastically. Terri's level of integrity is rare and to work with her a precious gift! Thank you, Terri for offering inspiration to all whom you meet and serve.” —Dr. Lori Gray Boothroyd, Psychologist, Professionally Certified Coach and Faculty/Mentor for the Wellcoaches Corporation

You have just taken the first step!

Do you want:

  • To experience confidence and strength in times of instability?
  • To reclaim your personal power and control?
  • To become more courageous - experiencing change without fear, and transitions without trauma?
  • To discover peace and stillness (calm) amidst the demands of life?
  • To reach and maintain healthy weight – never using the word “diet”
  • To set and achieve the goals YOU choose?
  • To live your authentic life?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, you are at the right site. Welcome.

Coaching helps you achieve these… and more.

Each of us walks through life experiences differently. Life unfolds at our unique pace and we greet life experiences with our own level of zest and/or concern.

You may simply want more:

  • to feel better
  • have more energy
  • to worry less
Or you may:
  • Feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the shaky economy
  • Feel stuck, personally or professionally, and unsure of the path to getting unstuck
  • Have 3 tasks more than is healthy
  • Be healing from disease
  • Be living through personal loss

Whatever your needs, your goals for every day success are within your reach. You can achieve healthy life balance…I call that a rich, full, exciting YES to life. I’d like to work with you as you discover your own YES.

My coaching goal is for you to reach YES…Your Empowered Self.

Invitation to Wellness Coaching

I invite you to discover wellness coaching…my gift of a specially trained professional who can help you clarify or even discover your wellness vision.  As we work together, I will support you as you discover your personal direction.  You will creatively and confidently achieve your goals. I will provide the YES as you embrace Your Empowered Self.

Just as we approach life differently, we approach change differently and each one of us experience different barriers to that change. Through coaching, you and I travel the journey of change together exploring your innate strengths and skills and possibly discovering hidden qualities that can propel you toward your goals – Your Empowered Self.

My YES will always be stronger than your doubt.Throughout our coaching relationship, my expertise and support will inspire you to your own confident YES!

I am ready to begin. I trust you are too.

I invite you to a complimentary coaching session — please contact me for a sample session.


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