Coaching is the springboard from aspiration to achievement.

Terri’s Credentials

My credentials and qualifications for working with you include:

  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • Master’s degree in Health Education
  • Certified Health Education Specialist
    As a CHES I have worked with individuals and facilitated small and large groups in the many areas of wellness. I have watched clients choose and change careers, join in or leave a relationship, choose to be healthy while living with disease and choose to be well under extraordinary challenges to that well–being. I have celebrated a client’s 50 pound weight loss and his discovery of his new self: fit, strong, and well. I have supported men and women as they made life altering changes in their lives and discovered and exercised their strength: physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and professionally. From weight loss, to chronic disease, to career and relationship decisions, I have walked beside clients as they met their goals and celebrated higher levels of wellness and greater balance in their lives.
  • Experienced Facilitator in the areas of:
    • Stress reduction
    • Resilience in a time of change
    • Life transitions
    • Getting and remaining fit
    • Communication skills
    • Enjoying high level wellness while living with disease
    • Healthy life – addiction free

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