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Terri’s Tilt — On the Lighter Side...

It plays my heart’s song
Every cell wiggles with joy
Laughter heals my soul

I would like to share a recent ‘Ah ha’ moment. It has to do with my ongoing journey to seek and maintain the balance I so passionately espouse. I recently spent time with my siblings, my daughter, and my grandson…all at the same time, in the sunshine, amidst the beauty of the beach, the bounty of nature, and the warmth of weather and family. The timing was perfect. I left dismal weather, a too busy semester ending, and more than gentle blur of boundaries between calm and overload. I arrived at a new space and delightful perspective.

It is often challenging when bright, bold people, from diverse perspectives and life experiences, gather, discuss, theorize, solve, debate, cry, and laugh together. However, my great discovery was not about the shared memories, dreams and drama of life. From the moment I landed, I was slapped in the head with humorous situations. Over the week, we laughed at stories of our collective and individual past, at present experiences, silly and personal, touchy and tough, local and global, and we laughed at our futures…expected surprises, realities and unknowns. In short, I was hit in the face with a creamy pie. The luscious whipped cream was the awareness of the incredible healing power of laughter.

And one thing is sure: I want more. The trick is how do I build my ‘humor reserve’? After much deliberation, I have come to the startling conclusions that, deep in our heart and/or brain, we already know. Humor is a lot like love or compassion: the more we practice them and freely give them away our heart’s capacity to receive these gifts grows exponentially.

Humorous moments abound! Your next opportunity might be right in front of you…look at funny greeting cards, watch children, or simply tune in to your own lighter side. Chuckle material is everywhere. Laughter is contagious. But so is its opposite. Complaining and whining cause burn out, heart attacks, and cancer. Laughter, on the other hand, builds resilience, keeps us young, and opens our eyes and hearts to life’s possibilities. And…laughter heals.

Cancer research supports the healing power of humor. Research also shows that frowning causes more wrinkles than smiling. So what are we waiting for? Our health depends on us growing our laughter reserve. Life may weigh us down, but we can find our own healthy perspective and balance. I am starting a Laughter Log of my daily gifts of laughter. Reading them, or just thinking about them, refreshes my smile. As we journey together toward greater wellness, laugh with me…laugh out loud, huge guffaws, little snickers, or smile internally when you cannot be raucous…whatever you do, laugh!

The GREAT AH HA: Our mental health soars on the sound and echo of our laughter. Thank you family, for reminding me of this truth…and filling my reserve…back at you!

Thank you also to everyone reading this Tilt. You, my clients, colleagues, friends and mentors, richly inspire and replenish me. And, sometimes, provide great material for my Laughter Log! Be well. Terri



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