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Terri’s Tilt — Our Decisional Compass – Which Direction is the ‘Right’ one?

I learn so much from my clients. They are strong individuals in transition. They walk the journey of life with increasing confidence and trust. They see wellness and life coaching as a jumpstart to a new place. I simply facilitate their discovery of self…the self they choose…and walk beside them through a multitude of conditions and experiences.

Every day, clients describe how life transitions - significant career, relationship, and/or changes in health status challenge our very being. As we leave the old and often comfortable (not necessarily good) place to traverse unknown and often bumpy new terrain, there is a real threat of two well worn paths. Each has its comfort zones and appeal.

One path invites us to simply fill time with doing. ‘Keep busy’ is the mantra. In this walk, we believe if we just focus on the usual to-do’s and the distractions of life, the unpleasant parts of change will work themselves out like wrinkle free fabric fresh from the dryer. But wrinkle free is not exactly the smooth, finished look we expect and want. Too often, our busy-ness, distractions and distractibility cause serious bumps and potholes in the transition process. Potholes large enough to fall into and keep us stuck for days, weeks or a lifetime. We become mired in unasked questions, the willingness to settle, the distractions of everyday life and attraction to anything that eats our time and takes focus away from the uncomfortable.  How many of us when the ‘going gets rough’ want to snuggle under a quilt and stay there? Or watch mindless TV?

Transition is tough. Whether leaving the old intentionally or being thrown headfirst, kicking and screaming, into new territory, we are leaving what we have known, sometimes all our lives, to visit and perhaps relocate in the unknown. We will be faced with decisions, and people, and processes we do not and possibly cannot know or immediately relate to.

There is a second path available to us. I call this choice a working walk (sometimes a romp or even a run!). It is a continuous sharpening of our focus using our own, unique decisional compass. It involves knowing or discovering our direction, not necessarily the entire path. It means asking questions of ourselves and accepting the unknown as a traveling companion. This route calls us to discover and learn to trust more and more, our belief in our self. And, it involves the conviction that we can create success. Caution! This path also has potholes, as well as sharp curves, steep hills, and can be flanked by soft shoulders and deep ravines. This choice also leads to brilliant insights, panoramic views, fresh air and breathtaking levels of success.

How on earth can we prepare for and accept change as good and healthy components of life? It involves consciously and consistently choosing the second path of life. Leaving the traveling companions of fear and judgment behind, while often difficult, acts like new, high quality hiking boots – our steps are lighter, our energy more focused.

Each of us has actually traveled this path throughout our lives simply by growing up. We learned to walk, talk, and make decisions, simple to complex. People fall an average of 300 times…before learning to walk! From such humble beginnings, some of us have romped down the path of change with vigor and enthusiasm; others kind of crawl along, eyes turned back, yearning for the past. Either way, we have earned bumps and bruises, stars and prizes.

I invite you to discover where you are in your travels and transitions. Do you seek the calm, the well-worn, smooth path? Your own comfort zone? And is that right for you? Are you in a big rut? Or are you somewhere running or being dragged or thrown into new spaces?  How do you make your decisions in life? How do you embrace change? What allows you to say your authentic ‘yes’ to life?

Your goals provide that decisional compass that guide you through any transition. Your ability to discover, focus on and move toward your goals, in leaps or baby steps, is your guide to wellness. When facing distractions, decisions and discomfort, simply ask this question: Does this (person, event, worry, distraction) bring me closer to or away from my goals? The answer is your compass.

As I write this, I am humbled by my own experience. I, too, am steeped in this process of growing. Do join me! Ask yourself the tough questions. You have the answers…dig deep and discover your ability to embrace your authentic ‘YES’ to life and your direction to change! GO FOR IT!  The view is breathtaking!

 Be well.



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