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Terri’s Tilt — Capturing Summer Vacation

Happy summer! I have had a rich and busy May, June and July. My studies have taken me to the topic of fear and its impact on wellness and our fullness of life. This work has brought me new understanding, insight and opened new space in my heart. As I put the material to the test in real life, I am impressed by its power and capacity to build resilience and emotionally strength. I’m using my own experience as the basis for a workshop on tuning in to and facing our fears. I will keep you posted. It is really exciting! In the meantime, I am enjoying this enormous heat as best I can…mulling over how I can bottle this sunshine to share and enjoy during the long winter months.

As school children, summer vacation meant play and fun and less structure to daily life. June magically brought a slowing down…a time to enjoy the warm weather, to play outdoors from dawn until dusk, explore nature, read for fun, enjoy picnics, ice cream cones and water sports, family and friends.

As we grow up, the slowdown of summer vacations becomes significantly shorter. For some, non-existent. For most of us, life goes on in June, July and August, much like the other nine months…with busy schedules, family, care giving, professional and personal responsibilities, and long lists of tasks. But, there ARE ways, to enjoy to the fullest, the wonderful relaxation moments we have, AND capture some of this rest and joy that our mind and body need during out busiest times.

Research shows that relaxation energizes…it enhances our creativity and our focus…it makes us more efficient and more inspired. It even helps us lose and/or maintain healthy weight. Here are some simple tips for instant access to ‘summer vacation’. Pay attention. When you follow these healthy steps, you might be as surprised as when you caught your first lightning bug!

  • "Learn something new each and every day. It can be a word a day from your calendar, a simple new fact, a new way of doing something, or simple trivia. Use it or lose it is true for our muscles and our mind!
  • Find time to play each day if only a few minutes, or as long as you can – go for a horse ride, a bike ride, try a sport, a daily Sudoku, or a word game, get lost in a jigsaw puzzle, go fishing, or lie down and watch the stars. Discover humor…PLAY!
  • Reconnect with people, places and things that bring comfort and calm to your life. Send a quick text or, far better, a phone call to say ‘Hello, I only have 5 minutes, but I have been thinking of you…’ Family is good, but colleagues and friends our own age bring richness beyond description
  • Rediscover quiet. Spend at least 5 minutes each day in silence. Try to keep the voices and thoughts out by just letting them float in and out of your awareness. No judging or talking back! You might remember the sound of the ocean…or the wise voice of a loved one.
  • Move. Get up and move often during your day. Just as when looking at a piece of artwork, by changing our position, we change our perspective. It works for insight as well as vision.
  • Regroup and simplify. Ask yourself what’s really important to your well being? This answer can point directly to things you want to keep, let go of, or modify in your life.
  • Read something for pleasure – every day. Not necessarily a best seller, something YOU are thirsty for and enjoy
  • Take care of yourself. Make this a Must Do on your calendar. This means:
    • Exercise daily. We know that exercise reduces stress. It also brings healthy balance to life. Swim, bike, or simply walk…moving is good
    • Eat well. Be sure to get that lean protein at each meal…reduce the simple sugars and enjoy those beautifully colored vegetables. Drink that water!
    • Practice some method of stress reduction

If you are too busy to try these steps, do one thing. Play with, or observe a small child. Notice that they find fun in everything they do…they use all senses to discover their world, and are not afraid to let their feelings show: when happy, every molecule shivers with delight; when unhappy, every molecule screams with distress. And two minutes later, they are off and running again. We can learn much from a child’s resilience and gift of living life fully. We don’t need warm weather to soothe and calm. Let’s enjoy summer, and keep the picnics, ice cream and beaches ever present in our minds. It will enable us to feel the warmth of summer in the midst of winter; picnic in front of the fireplace, feel the sand between our toes while watching a snowstorm. Practice…it works!

We are each a delightful person-sized container of energy. Summer’s warmth allows us to discover a million ways renew and refill that unique, person-sized vase…Go For IT!



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