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Terri’s Tilt — Are you like Mother Nature?

Summer officially arrives next week, but from the indications in the Northeast, Mother Nature is much undecided! We have had freezes that killed garden plants, record breaking heats, and rain that would make some consider building an ark…

I wonder if we are somewhat like Mother Nature when it comes to goal setting and movement toward our goals. I know from clients and personal experience that we often run hot and cold…roaring toward our goals with ferocity and digging in our heels to a screeching halt like the most reluctant donkey! What is this about?

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of compassion…striving to appreciate shifts in mood and energy…BUT, keeping in mind that a little lapse is NOT about a month long backslide. We know innately when we are making excuses. What we most want, and need, is a way to prevent being stuck in that space of paralysis.

Check in with yourself daily. Where are you in the little steps toward your goal? Remember the pepperoni theory. You do not put the whole link of pepperoni on the pizza; you cut it into bite size pieces…exactly the same is true for your goals. Are your pieces too large for daily success? Are they too small? I continuously challenge my clients to assess their daily movement: Is there consistency TOWARD the ultimate goal, or away from it? This assessment can act like a rudder, guiding you, and the little voice inside your head, toward compassion and inspiration. Whatever your goal, YOU CAN DO IT!

Be well…and enjoy the indecision of Mother Nature…and always GO FOR IT!

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