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Terri’s Tilt…On Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Women

Many women receive hugs this Sunday – physical hugs and/or verbal hugs through cards, flowers and gifts. Our hearts are warmed by such messages – they are treasured moments to share with family and friends. For moms with family gathered around this Mothers’ Day – you are fortunate!

This is a special Mother’s Day greeting, however, to all women and in particular, to the mothers I call silent. The mothers for whom there are no greeting cards. I send blessings to the women who feel, and actually are alone this Mother’s Day. Women who face huge challenges in their relationships with their children – moms of children who have disappeared, are incarcerated, have taken their lives, live with addictions or have simply walked away… mothers of the mentally and/or physically ill and the women who have not given birth, but are every bit a mother to their students, mentees, patients, nieces, nephews, and the children in their care.

Let’s celebrate all mothers this weekend, the ones who can talk about their heart-warmed weekend and those who cannot openly share their loneliness. Let’s honor all mothers for their courage, character, endurance, and hope; celebrate them for their determination to find joy in every day. That tenacity is what challenges us all to love to the limits of our hearts. Bravo!

So…my friends, whether we you are happy as a clam tomorrow or living with tremendous loss, Mother’s Day is for each one of us a discovery of the woman we have become and a celebration of the richness of our lives.

To all women: Happy Mother’s Day! May we learn to love to the limit of our hearts.



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